Alicia Loren – Phone Sex

Busty Alicia Loren is back again, fellas, and she is ready to prove you that she is very skilled on phone sex to. She proved you before that she really knows how to play with her body, to fuck and suck, but today she will show you that she can make you hard even if you can’t see her, only hearing her sexy voice. Today she is home alone and she is feeling very sad and lonely. She found an xxx video tape and she started watching it, becoming horny and naughty, massaging her already wet pussy and thinking about a big cock that is stretching her pussy to the limits. Have a great time watching busty AliciaLoren stripping holding the phone in her hands. She decided to call her boyfriend, who is at work, and she began to talk dirty with him, explaining the man how horny she is, then she began to get rid of her clothes and reveal her phenomenal tits. The man on the phone became hard in just a few seconds, thinking at this hottie, naked and ready to be screwed. She begged him to come home quickly, saying that she is all wet and ready to suck and fuck his cock! If you liked this beauty and you want to see another busty chick revealing her phenomenal juggs, join the site!


Watch here busty Alicia stripping while having phone sex!

Busty in the hot tub

You are going to have a huge surprise watching busty Alicia pleasuring herself into the hot tub today. It looks like this is her favorite spot to have fun, cause here she could be exactly how intimate she like wants too. The moment she got home, she wanted to relax and have a great time so she started to fill her tub with some hot water, just the way she wants too. She got into the water and got herself comfortable, playing with her massive juggs that she simply adores.

Enjoy each moment of this incredible scene and pay attention to it, cause it will be such a shame if you will miss anything. You got to see how she is going to pinch her huge nipples, making them go hard, even though it’s so hot into that tub. Stay close to see what is this busty brunette about to do with herself, now that she got so fired up. See her shoving her hands under the water and moaning with pleasure. Enter also busty Emilia Boshe‘s if you are in the mood for more immense rounded boobies! alicia loren in the bath tub

Check out busty Alicia pleasuring herself in the hot tub!

Milking her massive tits

For the today’s video update, we have a special surprise for you! Have a look at sexy Alicia and see her playing with her immense boobies. She is home alone and she thought that she could have some time for herself, to relax and have a little fun. She got herself a coffee and she started to get excited all of a sudden, so why not some play time? She started to grab her massive boobies and she started to squeeze them with her palms, pinching her large rounded nipples.

See how she is going to milk herself right there, on that arm chair. All these kinky games made her get so excited that she started to remove all the other clothes off her body, exposing her curvy shapes and everything else. You got to see the whole action and how is she going to flash you with her body shapes, looking all nasty! See another incredibly hot scene like this, at Mandy Flores videos update! You will have a really nice surprise

playing with her boobies

See hottie Alicia playing with her huge boobies!

Big boobies exposed

Coming up right next, a fresh new video that is about to cheer you up and turn you on big time. Have a look at this incredible scene and see how is this horny babe going to expose her immense boobies, removing her clothes and her bra, so she could let them free. She adores to play with them, press them with her arms and tease those nipples until they get all hard and pointy. She loves pinching those nipples and teasing them with her fingers, until the gets super fired up and naughty, just ready to get wet.

Of course that she is going to do a whole lot more so you should stay close, to see what else is she going to do next. Have fun seeing the entire action and I can totally assure you that you will adore each moment spent with this busty babe and her naughty fingers that are running all over her skin. See also a fresh new big ass babe, to have the complete menu! Enjoy each moment and see you the next time, with more incredible scenes!

huge tits exposed

See Alicia revealing her massive rounded boobies!

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